The Littest Candles in Town!

Light, inhale, exhale & chill with Savvy Cocoa's

Treat Yourself


Your candles are on point! My house smells great even when they're not lit!

Nancy in Boston

Bomb Bae is basically sex in a candle. It is really the only Bae you need. My room smells so good!

Patricia in NYC

They smell FANTASTIC!  So glad these were sent my way. 

Gee in San Francisco

Buttercream & Chill? I can't wait to chill with this later! Great work! 

Happy customer in Boston

These smell AMAZING and they burn FOREVER! My whole house smells like Spring because of Tisk Tisk Hibiscus.

Erin in Salem

Pineapple Fineapple smells like nostalgia to me. It's very comforting. 

Emily in Cambridge

I really wish I could eat this candle. It smells just like Strawberry Shortcake! 

Happy and hungry customer in Boston